Cornwalls No1 Hot Tub Service and Repair Company

Cornwall Hot Tub Services is a Repair, Service and maintenance company in Cornwall that specialises in hot tubs and spas that leak, trip the electrics or simply won’t heat. We also sell hot tub covers, chemicals and spare parts for the avid DIY’er through our online store. Our back ground is in repairing hot tubs for big companies that need the expertise to get things right the first time every time.

“Cornwall Hot Tub Services” is part of a larger company called “Swirling Spas” which are a hot tub specific company that offers hot tub services like repair and maintenance and parts for home repairs, we distribute chemicals and parts via the internet and offer a high level of support to our customers via a old fashioned style of customer service.

Our intention is to correct the over priced image of the hot tub industry by giving competitive pricing on all aspects of hot tub parts and services.

We have over 10 years of experience in the hot tub industry but also bring allot of electrical and mechanical experience from previous to this.

The contacts we have gained over the years mean we can get most most parts for most brands of hot tub and spa including the harder to find Chinese and Italian hot tubs, thankfully thou most hot tubs are made from the same parts which tend to



Jon Pennington
Skills consist of hard work, patience and exceptional knowledge of hot tub and spas, over the years he has trained many engineers and industry professionals.
Claire Pennington
Sales Manager
Skills are the consistency of work and daily routines that enable the smooth running of the company, Claire does the work of 10 people on a daily basis.
Stella Rodgers
Office Administrator
Skills are in the detail, ever wondered who does all the real hard work? Stella can move mountains to make to help people and get things to people in time.

Our guarantee

In addition to your Statutory Rites, we guarantee all parts and labour for 1 year after. The products that we fit and recommend have all been designed for use in the UK, and where possible, original parts will be fitted as standard.

Qualifications and Accreditations

Our engineer (Jon Pennington) Click here to see linkedin.com Profile is a qualified electrician with a Part P certificate which means the repair work is done to the highest standards of electrical safety, this combined with 10 years on-site service and repair experience means our professionalism and advice put us above the competition.

Hot Tub Service Cornwall

Brands of hot tub parts we supply